Being a Mother is the Greatest Gift.

But How Do We Do it All?

Having just become a Mum for the second time, I’m in love all over again! 

But I’m also being reminded daily of how intense and relentless motherhood can be, especially when trying to keep my business alive and thriving. 

Motherhood is indeed the greatest gift. 

But it’s also tough.

And our priorities shift and change.

Which is why we all need support systems to guide us through, to help us stay connected to ourselves and our purpose, while also being the best mothers we can be.

It’s possible to stay connected to your life purpose and continue on your life path while being an amazing mother and enjoying the motherhood journey to the fullest.

 And that’s exactly why I’ve developed the 21 Day High “The Mumma Mantra” Transformational Journey, to help you do just that.

Welcome to “The Mumma Mantra” 21 Day Transformational Journey
with Tracey Jewel.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re loving the early days of motherhood, but you’re also finding it demanding and challenging to find time for your own self-care.
  • You want to say ‘yes’ to your own wellness and empowerment while being an engaged and loving mother.
  • You want to harness your new Mama energy and shift into higher vibrations to harmonise your mind, body, and soul.
  • You’d love the support of a tribe of high vibe mamas like you who know you can do it all. 
  • You might be ready to explore new possibilities and opportunities to mix business and motherhood.

If that’s you, come and join us!

We’ll spend 21 days together to get you into a high-vibe state and reconnected to yourself so you can move ahead with confidence and clarity.

This transformational 21 day online experience is designed for:

* Pregnant women in their final trimester and new mums on maternity leave.

* Mothers wanting to explore new career and income possibilities.

* Women wanting to rise and connect together and to be high vibe mothers.

This is an invitation for only 30 women to come together to be part of this immersive experience.

What you’ll experience:

* You’ll craft and align your vision, purpose and identity.

* You’ll access your intuition on a deeper level.

* You’ll harness your mother-energy in life, love and business.

* You’ll awaken and raise your vibration to attract new possibilities.

* you’ll create a circle of connection with other high vibe women.

* You’ll live in a high vibrational state with next level results in income and opportunities.

* You’ll be supported with your energy levels and emotions.

* You’ll experience reduced stress and overwhelm.


What you’ll receive:

* 21 days of remote Healy frequencies to help you raise your vibration.

* 21 daily journal prompts and self care rituals.

* An online workbook to chart your progress.


* A Guided Meditation.

* Live Q&A session + downloadable Intention Cards.



Hire a Healy frequency device for the duration of the program (21 days) to run your own frequencies from home and receive a self care gift pack valued at $60

$222 or 4 weekly instalments of $66


Purchase your own Healy and get this experience for free!
4 devices to choose from (for more information on Healy’s click here)

From $850


Tracey Jewel is a published author, wellness entrepreneur, self care life coach, new mum of 2 kids, —and an anxiety overcomer.

After living a life in the reality tv public world, Tracey took back control and became the CEO of her own life. She began living self care practices, raising her vibes, setting boundaries and most importantly, she built a community of over 160,000 women. What she discovered on her journey is that no matter how successful, how motivated or how many achievements you have —you need to take time out and invest in  yourself to take your power back and elevate your life and business.

This community of wellness seekers is for YOU. You are right where you belong and we are so happy you’re here.


I think becoming a mother again gave me a chance to step back from my life and business and reassess the direction I am heading.

It’s when I’m feeding Frankie or settling him for sleep I think about new concepts and creations and how I can bring them to life.

I’m also exploring new ways to grow my business into something more but also sustainable, because there are always bills to pay and lifestyle dreams to make a reality.

I also fill my social media world following other Mamas and brands that celebrate motherhood – this elevates me when I’m having a tough moment or hard day.

It also inspired me to start this “The Mumma Mantra” experience circle.

If you are pregnant, become a new mama or being a mum in general.. there is a lot to think about and stressing about your life and business and reaching your goals shouldnt be one of them.

Second time around, I personally wanted to honour this magical time and transformation for me, my new baby boy and also my new husband.

I wanted to be able to slow down, to be fully present to show up for my family as well as allow my body to heal.

But I also wanted to continue my life path, my goals and visions and growing my business. After all, this energy state is what can keep us going after all the sleepless nights!

I can’t wait to share this “The Mumma Mantra” experience with you all!

Healy effectively utilizes vibrational energy to cleanse your aura, balance the energy centers, and purify from deep within.  To know more about how Healy can be of help, feel free to get in touch with us @ hello@upself.com.au