Vanessa is a Life Coach who supports ambitious women to overcome burnout, anxiety and self-doubt.

Intuitive and compassionate, Vanessa’s purpose is to empower women to embrace change so they can live a life where they feel inspired; where they feel free to be themselves and know inherently that they are enough. She’s the founder of ‘Burnout to Breakthrough’, a coaching program which supports women to re-connect with themselves and listen to their own inner wisdom; to let go of what’s not serving them, transform limiting beliefs and manifest their highest vision. Vanessa provides a space for busy women to implement practical and intuitive tools that bring about profound transformations in every area of their life.

With a background in Marketing and Psychology, Vanessa climbed the corporate ladder for over a decade working for a range of national and multinational companies. The anxiety and burnout she experienced during this time acted as a catalyst for her to quit her job, embrace uncertainty and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Her desire for a more meaningful life, led her to spend twelve months in Asia practicing with mentors in Yoga, Mindfulness and Energy Healing. She then continued her studies in Australia where she became a certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Reiki Practitioner.

Work with Vanessa and receive 10% off her signature coaching program plus a free 20-minute discovery session. 

Instagram: @vanessaindovino