Treah Knight

Treah Knight is a Fempire Coach, ex-critical care nurse, women’s empowerment advocate, writer, beach lover, wife, and mum to three beautiful kids. Treah is also a life-long learner with a perpetual thirst for knowledge, and a desire to better herself continuously.

She is obsessed with empowering women to transition smoothly to entrepreneurship, and to step into their greatness with the right balance of grace, flow and grit.

Treah’s goal as a coach is to deliver results-based support through planning, strategy, goal setting and mindset work to help women build the business they have always dreamed of.

Treah believes that when women are lit up, supported and fulfilled we are positioned to change the world by leading with courage and compassion – both in our family lives and in how we do business.

Treah spent years experimenting with how she could ‘have it all’, balancing motherhood with her own version of success.

Treah has had careers in several diverse and challenging fields, including corporate
administration, marketing, communications, copywriting, business ownership, and critical care nursing.

Treah originally chose nursing so she could help others. While she loved her work and knew it was important, over the years realised that she was ignoring a huge part of her calling, that was to create and build a business of her own. She also had to work through feelings of profound guilt and shame when she realised that nursing was not giving her what she needed in her own life. Overcoming these feelings and understanding that many women in
nursing experience similar challenges, is what sets her apart from other coaches.

Experiencing the ups and downs of being a creative entrepreneur stuck in the body of an employee for too long, it took stepping out of her comfort zone to find her true calling of coaching. Treah understands that for many women, specifically nurses – the idea of moving away from what they know and into a creative field can be extremely daunting, and can feel almost impossible.

She is on a mission to support nurses that want to build a successful business of their own to find the courage and confidence to do just that. She specialises in group training for women in the pre-start up phase of their business in a 12 month program called Future Fempreneur. In addition to this, Treah works one on one with a small number of women in business.

When she is not supporting women in building their Fempire, you’ll find her exploring in nature with her family, at the beach, sharing a glass (or two) of local pinot noir with friends, binging her favourite podcasts or sneaking chocolate from the fridge when the kids aren’t

As the pandemic has hit nurses particularly hard, Treah’s current mission is to support
women in nursing who are feeling like they need to step into something new and create a business of their own. Whether a nurse wants to build a small side hustle, to drop back their shifts, or to build a full time business, Treah is passionate about helping show the world the creative gifts that nurses have been keeping to themselves for too long.

If you would like to know more about how you can work with Treah in the Future
Fempreneur program, reach out via the email below and she will be in touch with you.