Are you struggling to make time for you?

If you feel like you don’t have enough time, energy or resources to do the things you love + that light you up… I get it.

If you struggle to prioritise yourself and at the end of the day, you’re just too tired to make that time for yourself, you’re not alone!

Why is it that we are the last thing on the to-do list? Society still has a self-care stigma and as women we are still taught to tend to our family’s needs before our own.

It’s time for things to change. It’s time for a self-care uprising.

The self-care lifestyle can make this happen for you.


is designed to give you the daily tools to align, action and amplify your life


Tracey Jewel lives up to her name – she is an absolute gem. Her level of kindness and caring is immense, and this flows into both her personal and business connections. Her level of awareness and willingness to be present to what IS, in turn invites others to this too. I have personally experienced her as a coach, a business partner and a friend. She’s amazing!

Sarah Andros

I love working with Tracey, her marketing ideas, systems and practices are second to none. She is super motivated and practices what she teaches.
Extremely positive and always seeking new and innovative ways to serve others.

Sharon Taylor



How The Transformation Happens…

Nourish + Pamper

Revolutionise the way you treat and meet your physical body. Discover the power of Intuitive Nutrition, Mindful Movement, and Holistic Wellness. Create an abundance of energy to enjoy your me-time.

Mindset + Emotions

Your positive + negative thoughts lead to your inspired or uninspired actions, which create your life. Become aware of how to cultivate impactful habits and gain momentum and  motivation.

Spirit + Energy

Connect with your soul and find your frequency. Uncover your intuition and raise your vibration through powerful energy healing practices.

Wealth + Professional

Discover self mastery + self worth around wealth construction and learn to tap into your purpose work.


Organise your world to easily implement self-care practices with ease + flow

What is included in the program

90 Days Of Supported Transformation through weekly videos, workbooks and emails

Easy To Follow, Do in Your Own Time Video + Written Content

Weekly Small Group Coaching Calls via Facebook Group with a Upself self-care facilitator ensures you have support and guidance (individual coaching also available at an additional cost)

PDF Guides + Downloadable Resources

Weekly self-care space hours

Access to coaches and wellness experts and curated resources

Self care immersive experiences to try for yourself. Create your own self-care schedule, set yourself goals and take part in challenges for gifts, special offers and prizes.

Belong to a community of self care stories and support via private facebook

Our self-care coaches + facilitators

I’m Tracey Jewel. I’m a holistic marketing strategist, quantum business coach, mental health professional and self care author.

With life-coach and post grad qualifications in Marketing and many diplomas in Wellness, I’ve had 12 years experience leading wellness seekers and professionals to grow to create more success, impact, and fulfilment.

My purpose, together with my coaching team is to help others reconnect, align and grow, seeing their lives and businesses shift, passions found, lives transformed and goals achieved.

I teach practical self-care that works in a holistic way to create personal growth with purpose, to make an impact with your vision, virtues, and vibration.

You are so worthy of abundance & attracting all your desire in your life and business!

Join me and create your new way of doing life – let’s do this!

Tracey Jewel xx

If you’re ready to prioritise your self and…

Finally have regular guilt-free me time

Find joy in self-care practices, instead of it feeling like a chore

Feel an abundance of energy and able to take inspired actions in the direction of your life

Create a connection with all aspects of yourself and be in flow and alignment with your goals and values

This is for you!






Join the waitlist: Program opens Jan 2022

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