Tanya M AshaTara

Tanya M AshaTara has been shining and sharing her light for over a decade as a facilitator of Guided Meditation groups and Jewel School teachings. In recent years she has expanded her joy and heart for service by creating an online store of spiritual treasures to adorn your home, heart and body temple and launched a Guided Meditation Podcast. 

Altars, ceremony, ritual, mantra, meditation and devotion to the heart of Gaia and Mother/Father Divine are her passion and purpose upon this beautiful planet. Tanya’s loving intention is always to guide you home to the wisdom within you and inspire transformation, clarity of purpose, profound joy and the feeling of freedom to celebrate your unique soul expression and birthright of prosperity and peace. 

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Tanya M AshaTara’s Guided Meditation Podcast


“co-author of art of self care”

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