Taina Maarya Jara

Taina is a Freedom Business Mentor and Founder of the ‘Visionaries in Action’ Movement.

She helps ambitious and purpose-driven entrepreneurs uplevel their life and business, and create freedom in all areas of their life, by aligning with a freedom business model and global community.

Taina grew up in the Finnish countryside, and lived in Austria, Belgium, Germany and Spain before moving to Australia, which she now calls home. She is a global citizen passionate about connecting with like-minded people worldwide, and is fluent in English, Finnish, German and Spanish.

Taina started her career in international relations specialising in environment and sustainability. She was a high-achiever and drove herself into a health crisis in 2002. This led to her spiritual awakening and a profound journey of self-discovery, which she pursued in parallel with her career in the government, university and not-for-profit sectors.

After an impactful multidimensional experience in 2017, Taina started to transition from her career to her calling. She launched a coaching business, just to realise that the solopreneur business model was neither aligned with her vision and values, nor did it allow her to create freedom. She continued with her search, and attracted an aligned freedom business and community, which she now shares with other visionary entrepreneurs.

Taina holds Diplomas in Mindset Training and Coaching, Counselling and Bioneuroemoción®; Certificates in Adult Training, Aromatherapy and Jikiden Reiki; and a Master’s by Research degree in Social Sciences.

Connect with Taina:

Web: tainamaaryajara.com

Instagram: @tainamaaryaj

Facebook: facebook.com/tainamaaryaj11

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tainamaaryaj

“co-author of art of self care”

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