Stacey Foat

Stacey Foat – Author, Speaker & Hormone Specialist. Founder of Balanced Babes.

A degree qualified Naturopath & Nutritionist. Stacey is dedicated to a truly holistic approach to wellness by encompassing physical, emotional & spiritual elements, empowering & educating women to take charge of their healing journey, through body awareness & the understanding of their natural hormonal cycles.

Stacey utilizes the Emotional Evolution™️ process, which identifies limiting beliefs and blockages to healing, reconnecting women to their full creative potential & ability to heal.

In recognizing our hormones are merely messengers & that our body’s symptoms are a cry for help, Stacey identifies the true underlying imbalances & unmet needs of the individual & helps them to reconnect with their feminine energy so that they can lead a truly fulfilling, energized & limitless life!

“I fell into this area of expertise, after being told at the age of 27 that I had commenced menopause”. Having struggled with PCOS for many years, I soon realized that the conventional approach to treating hormone-related conditions of silencing the symptoms with synthetic hormone birth control pills was never going to work & only digging myself into a deeper hole. This was where the Balanced Babes signature 7 Step Hormone healing system was created, as these were the exact steps taken to not only reverse my premature ovarian failure but also clear up the cystic acne, lose the PCOS related weight gain & most importantly, enabled me to naturally conceive my daughter, something I was told by mainstream doctors would never be possible.

“I’m currently working on the launch of my latest online program, Emotional Evolution, & accompanying book, Trigger Happy, which are a guide to doing the inner work & addressing the spiritual & emotional elements of your healing journey”.

Stacey Foat

Hormone Specialist, Naturopath, Nutritionist

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