Soraya is a self-motivated, free spirit that believes life happens for us, not to us.

She is born a Utah native and recently relocated to Bali, Indonesia

After her second divorce, giving up her business, and having a son that is now an adult, she decided it time to face her fears and go out on her own.

Having owned her own lingerie business for the last 10 years (and previously working in the beauty industry for 15 years), she was given the opportunity to work with women daily in a very intimate setting. It made her very aware of women’s insecurities and where they derive from.  Also, opening her eyes to how much women really need the comradery of other women.  This put her in a position of becoming very passionate about empowering women by living and leading through Integrity and by example. 

In 2019 she served a year as Mrs. Salt Lake City.  This gave her a whole other insight into women that come from the pageant world.  That in itself is a whole different breed of insecurities.  She was reminded, yet again, how much women really empower each other when they stay vital to their womanhood and sisters.   She has committed herself to always connecting with women and bringing them together to build a network of sovereign women that want to embrace the world to guide them to their highest being.

Philanthropy work is essential to her. She founded the Night of Empowerment charity gala that enables breast cancer survivors to live fully beyond breast cancer by providing no-cost weekend retreats.  She is always trying to find ways to help her community. 

While in Bali, she has coached with Les Brown to become a motivational speaker.  She enjoys speaking to women but also adores young ladies and children.  She likes to spread her message:  “Fail fast, fail often, fail forward.”

She believes she is in the most critical learning phase of her life and looks forward to sharing her journey along with her life lessons as she goes.