April 2-8, 2022

The inaugural “shine your light” brings together wellness seekers and wellness providers such as yoga studio’s, pilates studio’s and fitness centre’s that are opening their doors to support survivors of sexual violence with fundraiser self-care, fitness + wellness classes.


Join an in-person or online class, available around Australia between 2-8 April 2022, as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Day of Action (Tues 5 April).

Friends, supporters, family members and those who stand against sexual violence in all forms are encouraged to participate!

There are also trauma-informed instruction classes available for women to attend who have experienced sexual violence. Please note these have a “trauma-informed certified seal” next to these classes.


Me too. I am a statistic and survivor of child sex abuse, domestic violence and most recently workplace sexual harassment at one of the most vulnerable times of a woman’s life: whilst pregnant. 

I know first-hand the value and importance of self-care and wellness and the impact it has on my life to be able to heal from these traumatic events which have been life changing.

This “Illuminate through wellness” week long cause is a national collective of self-care experiences to provide support, healing and speak up for ourselves and for survivors.

All class fees are donated to our charity partners to support our efforts to end sexual violence and support survivors.

Virtual class registrations are $12 and are 100% donations.

Sign up to a class below.


One of our campaign goals is to raise enough funds to provide self-care packs + class access to at least 100 survivors of sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence.  

These self-care packs include a journal, yoga mat, water bottle, body pamper products + tea.

Please help us support our cause!



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