Shani Chambers

International Speaker and Trainer,
Adv. Dip. Kinesiology, Pranic Psychotherapist,
Master Hypnotherapist Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing Founder & Trainer Founder of The Wellness Chambers

Shani’s passion for energy healing began at the age of 10, when she participated in her first Reiki workshop. Tuning in, feeling, and being able to flow energy at a very young age, has definitely shaped her life for the better! As a troubled child, her parents struggled in finding her effective help. After years of seeing many different professionals in the mental health system, and with her conditions only getting worse, her parents took her to see a Kinesiologist. That treatment rapidly and dramatically not only changed, but saved her life, in only 2 sessions! She was 14 years old, and the difference kinesiology made was nothing short of a much-needed miracle. And so, began her journey and passion to be able to facilitate the same life-saving treatments to others.

She has spent nearly 2 decades gathering the most effective tools she can find, to help overcome her own depression, addictions, suicidal tendencies, health problems and personal struggles.  

Since learning to deeply heal herself, she has opened her doors to practice professionally in Jan 2014. Since then, Shani has easily helped facilitate massive changes and transformations in thousands of clients, with a broad range of issues, treating them with an even broader range of tools. Shani is now using her extensive knowledge in many different healing traditions to create unique and original processes, and training practitioners to help get their clients results even faster.