We offer survivors of sexual violence and their friends or family members the opportunity to experience safe space for self-care, support each other, share + learn and work towards healing.

About Our Self-care Sessions + Support Groups

Our self-care sessions + support groups are for women who have experienced sexual
violence including sexual assault, workplace sexual harassment, domestic violence or child sexual abuse and their support person (a friend or family member).

These sessions are an opportunity for participants to build self-esteem & change their lives to heal from sexual violence. We offer self-care + wellness, life skills development and support group for our participants.

Each self-care session + support group runs for 2 hours and is led by a trained facilitator who has experience in running these sessions. The session is also supported by 1-2 volunteers and 1-2 mentors (previous session attendee’s).

Most groups have between 12 and 20 participants. The facilitators ensure the comfort and safety of all participants, guide the self-care activities, help to facilitate discussion, and present materials to spark conversation.

Each session typically includes an ice-breaker, a self-care activity (such as mindfulness, vision boarding, journalling), topic-based discussion, free share time, and a closing ritual.

In the support group, you will never be required to talk or share. We believe it is of the utmost importance to take care of yourself and your needs.

At the start of the session the facilitator will walk you through our “Guiding Principles” to help create a safe space for everyone.

How to Register:

Click on the button next to the group, time + date of your choice below and follow the instructions on the form.

Each person who registers will receive a confirmation email after they submit their form; if you do not receive the confirmation, you can double-check thatyou entered your address correctly, check your spam folder, re-register, or

Participants will receive an email with further instructions a week prior to the session and they will also get a reminder email on the morning of the day.

Upcoming Self-Care Sessions + Support Groups

Our sessions are currently available virtually via Zoom.


Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone are you in?

Perth, Western Australia. Our time zone is WST.

Who can participate?

Anyone over 18 years old who identifies as being female and has experienced sexual violence in their life (or is a support person) is invited to participate in a session.

How many people are in each group?

We have a maximum of 20 participants per self-care session + support group. Other events, such as our special workshops and series, will have different registration caps.

What platform will you be using for online support groups?

We use Zoom to facilitate our groups. While we strive to provide the highest level of confidentiality possible, Zoom is a 3rd party platform, so we cannot guarantee full protection and by participating in support groups via Zoom, you are accepting that possibility.

Why do I have to register?

To ensure confidentiality and safety for all participants, we are asking that people register in order to receive an invitation to join the in person or online session. This helps prevent too many people attending or disrupting the group.

How will you protect privacy?

The only information we are collecting is an email address where we can send the invitation and confirmation of attendance. No identifying information about participants, including the email address used to register, will be stored or shared with any person, organization, or entity. We also require participants to adhere to our guidelines. Participants agree to prevent other people from seeing or hearing the meeting and to never record or screen capture the meeting.

Do I have to use my webcam or my real name?

No! You can choose to share your webcam or not. You can also choose to assign yourself whatever name you are comfortable with.

Are these support groups free?

Yes! Our self-care sessions and support groups are always free for participants.

Are support groups the same as counselling or group therapy?

No. Counseling or therapy is a specific type of mental health treatment facilitated by trained and licensed mental health providers. Support groups are led by experienced facilitators who are trained to facilitate a group of peers to share their experiences, process their feelings, practice new skills, and support one another in a safe and collaborative environment. If you are interested in individual counselling and support, please see our services page.

Please note: There are times when, due to circumstances beyond our control, a session may have to be cancelled with short notice. On those occasions, we update you via email and our social media platforms.

Are children allowed to attend?

No, children are not permitted to attend sessions.

We hope one day to have the funding to provide childcare for group participants, however at this time we do not have the resources to provide this service.

If you have any remaining questions, contact