Sarah Andros

With more than 25 years experience in the healing and wellness industry, Sarah Andros (BA Psychology) is well rehearsed in a multitude of modalities ranging from Reflexology to Life Coaching, to the more energetic modalities such as Access Bars® and Symphony of Possibilities®.  As an internationally certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator, Sarah is driven to assist her clients to create a life that they love, using energetic bodywork alongside coaching for an holistic approach to their health, happiness and well-being.  

As a facilitator, Sarah aims to empower people to know what they know, guiding them to a new a sense of possibility within themselves. She has the capacity to see into the depths of a person’s being, beyond their walls and barriers, inviting them to show up as the greatest version of themselves. Whether individually or in groups she instigates massive change in the lives of those she works with, and is deeply respected for her capacity to be and do this. She is also a train-the-trainer, having both inspired and taught many individuals to go on and facilitate consciousness themselves.

This last decade has seen Sarah travel around the globe, allowing her to work with and assist a wide variety of people from different cultures and ways of life. Sarah’s main passion is to contribute to creating a more holistic approach to Mental Wellness in the world.

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Email: sarah@sarahandros.com

Instagram: sarah_andros

Facebook: Sarah Lee Andros