Samantha Morris

Samantha Morris is an advocate for changing the traditional rules of business by working with women to embrace their feminine qualities and using them to grow successful businesses.  She shares her experience and thoughts on global stages as a speaker on podcasts and international business events.

Samantha enjoyed a 12 year career in the Navy, where she learned to be creative within the confines of regulation and policy to get things done.  Her work included logistics, accounts and finance, team management, operational support, policy creation and documentation.  This was followed by 16 years of successful business ownership where she was often told that her way of doing things would not work – but she trusted herself and did it her way anyway.  Samantha taught herself how to manage all aspects of business through self education, trial and error, and intuition.

As a mother of 5, she understands the challenges faced by mothers.  Choosing to raise a family and put your career on hold is a difficult decision, but what comes next, Particularly when your children start to become independent from you.  Your view of the world may have changed, the industry you worked in probably has changed, and so have you.  The challenge of returning to work is one thing, but what about the challenges that all too often stop women from ever starting a business.  Samantha works with women to develop strong foundations so that a business can not only be achievable, but profitable.

Samantha is a self declared lifelong learner and achieved her Bachelor of Business as a mature age student, her studies began when her youngest child was just one.  As she began to apply her learnings to her business, other business owners began to call on her for help, and she began her coaching career.

Working with younger generations, who were digital natives was intimidating.  However, knowing the importance that technology plays in business, Samantha became a consistent student of technology and loves to help women overcome their fear of the very tools that can free their time and help them build their business beyond what they think is possible.


Samantha offers a range of training and coaching programs to help women start and grow a business.  The cornerstone of these programs is a framework that helps develop business acumen, mindset and connection with yourself..

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