Ruth Morgan

Health, Wellness & ‘Life in Flow’

Coach Qualifications:

  • Professional Health & Wellness Certificate
  • Registered Nurse
  • Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing
  • Graduate Certifucate in Diabetes Education & Management
Ruth Morgan is founder of ‘Lifenesse’, health, wellness and ‘life in flow’ coaching service, Sydney.  With 40+ years of specialized nursing and 13+ years patient support experience as well as professional coaching skills, Ruth delivers an individually tailored service.

“I’ve mastered a unique combination of reputable coaching methods and techniques.  My inner core values are truth, empower, wellness, expression and love. My signature strengths are honesty, love, appreciation of beauty and excellence, self-regulation and kindness. Put together, these deliver a unique and positive coaching experience for my clients.” 

Ruth helps busy professional people create alignment, balance and wellness so they can live in flow.   She navigates clients towards new visions of health, wellness and life.  Ruth facilitates alignment of choice with values, balance creation, positive thoughts and emotions, overcoming barriers/resistance and assists planning achievable action that brings about lasting change. 

“Using deep insights that I’ve gained professionally and personally, I believe many people don’t live healthy, well, aligned, balanced and meaningful lives.  Many don’t know how to prioritise selfcare.  I help clients identify ‘unworkability’, make necessary changes and improve their quality of life.  My deepest passion and mission in life is to enhance “global wellness!”   

Self-care is central to wellness!  To readers here and to help you begin, Ruth offers a free ‘Lifenesse Wellness Wheel’ and ‘Lifenesse Mastery Wheel’ for self-care (instructions will be provided) by request on the Resources, Media and Testimonials page @ www.lifenesse.com.au.  

To plan your next self-care steps and work with Ruth, quote “Upself/Lifenesse” when you reach out via email to coach@lifenesse.com.au,  

via the ‘enquiries’ page at www.lifenesse.com.au or message Ruth (Thornton) Morgan via LinkedIn.  

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