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There have been many periods of my life, especially in the last four years, that I’ve been knocked around like a washing machine. I’ve been shaken not stirred like a James Bond martini!

There’s been weeks where I’ve struggled to find the strength to get back up and days where I haven’t been able to.

It’s in these times resilience has seemed to elude me. Little did I know it’s actually a skill I can build and work on. 

My experiences with anxiety, cyber bullying and harassment, have set me on a path to learn more about mental health. I’m now studying a diploma of mental health and counselling, on my way to becoming a life coach. Now, thanks to Driven, I can also take a short course to become a Resilience First Aid responder. 

Driven has launched a Resilience First Aid course bringing a pro-active, preventative approach to mental health.

Driven’s Resilience First Aid training programs are built upon a framework of international peer-reviewed research. 

It can help and teach you to:

– Identify signs of low resilience in others
– Use proactive language to connect with others build resilience in individuals and teams proactively support the mental health of others

Courses like this are a great starting point to not only learn but apply actionable steps for yourself, your friends, colleague or your team.

Some of my biggest lessons I’ve learn when it comes to resilience:

– Connect with your why. Your why assists us to focus on the bigger picture when we get stuck in challenging moments. It helps us be energised by something bigger than ourselves.
– Be flexible. Flexibility allows us to be able to pivot, adapt and change. This way we don’t get stuck in difficult moments.
– Resilience has ebs and flows, it is a spectrum just like many aspects of mental health. We have days of high resilience and low resilience, good and bad days. On the low days we can use acquired skills and tools to access the resilience we have.

Resilience is something we can indeed learn, build and grow not just to support ourselves but support others navigate the tough times.

With so much change occurring in our world right now, it’s important and even crucial to equip ourselves by building our resilience muscle.

Now is the perfect time to build our resilience muscles, learn new coping strategies and reframe our thinking. You can find out more about Driven’s Resilience First Aid Course here:


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