Raewyn Weller

Raewyn Weller is an author of ‘Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth’ a self-health book, ‘Jan’s Dash’ a biography of her sister, and co-author in ‘The Wealth Garden’ and ‘Mum’s the word’. 

Living in the Bay of Plenty New Zealand, Raewyn is a Public Speaker, ‘Belief and Energy Clearing Practitioner’, Life Success Consultant, Holistic Energy Healer, ‘Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner’ and works with Bioenergetic healing frequencies. 

Her claim to fame is being a ‘Graduate of the School of Life’, she is a life-long learner.

Having studied and practiced many different healing techniques, Raewyn uses the most appropriate methods for each individual, working with mind and body. 

Starting her working life nursing, Raewyn went on to create businesses for self and community, was a local body politician for 2 terms, a business mentor and has had Government appointments. 

She has worked in schools and homes for needy and homeless children in Zimbabwe and India. Her passion is empowering people, giving them tools and teaching them to help and heal themselves.

Raewyn is grateful to have learnt so much through life experiences, clients, working with and studying the work of many amazing people internationally, they have all inspired and empowered her. 

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“co-author of art of self care”

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