Nicole Turnbull

Nicole Turnbull – Chief Courage Officer

Nicole is the Founder and Chief Courage Officer at Neon Shed .

Neon Shed exists to make difficult communications easy and bring light to the 7 Dark Sides of Work .

Nicole partners with courageous companies and individuals to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination. Nicole also provides tools for people who are targets or bystanders to help them take their power back and their right to a safe workplace.

Nicole has over 18 years experience in communications with 10 years in the work health and safety industry. She has worked for both NSW safety regulators, the workers compensation insurer and the workers compensation independent review office.

Nicole has seen the damage poor communication and sweeping problems under the rug can do. She has also witnessed and experienced bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, poor leadership and mental health stigma – some at the hands of agencies meant to regulate these issues.

Nicole is on a mission to bring light to these issues to improve psychological safety, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. To find out more visit