Nicole Crowley

Nicole is a motivational speaker who focuses on empowering others to embrace their magic and bring them to their self-healing/self-mastery capabilities.  She helps people embody and embrace this through mindset work and quantum frequencies.  Nicole focuses on spreading her message of SPARKLE and raising the collective consciousness!  Spread Positivity Abundance Respect Kindness Love Everywhere!  She and Amy Bingham, her twin flame have created platforms to help people start their journey of spiritual awakening.

Nicole is passionate about bringing people’s health back into their own hands because she had the choice taken away from her.  She was hit by a drunk driver 17 years ago and sustained serious injuries and was in rehab for 3.5 years.  She thought she was stuck in this place of darkness/pain forever until she discovered the law of attraction.  Even though her body was working against her mind never gave up!  She wants to make sure everyone awakens to the power within themselves so if they fall into the darkness they will recognize they’ve always had the light within them, the creative power to bring themselves through!

Nicole is currently getting certified as an Emotional Resonance Clearing (ERC) practitioner, completing her license on March 30th, 2022.  ERC is a new modality that encompasses the 5-element theory, naturopathic remedies, and acupressure meridian clearing centers.  Everything from Healy to ERC to mindset work that Nicole does is about empowering people to embrace their self-mastery/self-healing capabilities, in turn truly living with intention.