Nathalie Biviano is a Marriage and Life Coach, accredited Mama Rising Facilitator and Matrascence Activist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication — which she discovered was completely useless when she was in the quicksand of marriage conflict and needed REAL LIFE communication skills. Thank god she found mentors and coaching.  

At the peak of her corporate career, she realised ordering room service for one was so lonely and soulless – and concluded corporate life was not for her. In 2011, she became a stay at home mama. Fiercely grappling with this new identity and navigating marital conflict, she became dedicated to marriage mastery. When she turned her own marriage around, she started coaching women who were married to ‘good men’ but their marriage was void of connection, communication, conflict resolution skills. Her mission is to elevate emotional intimacy in marriage; and activate mama bear leadership in women by giving them maps to find themselves again. Nathalie believes women are the leaders and healers of the home, and when they’re firm and solid in their own value, have self powerful coaching tools, women will change the world.  

She lives on the Gold Coast with her favourite humans Rob, Zara and Massimo, and their rottweiler Romeo. She is devoted and in awe of the clients she works with, and so grateful to live and breathe her dharma everyday. Currently she’s working on developing a self-paced program to help even more mamas arrive back home to themselves. 

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