Mishel Karen

Hello, I AM, Mishel Karen.  You may know and love me, as the witty and playful participant on ‘Married at First Sight’ Australia, Season 7. Determined to meet the love of my life, ‘my true loves kiss’, I entered the experiment, and I married a stranger on a reality TV show.  The experiment did have the result that I expected or desired, rather it held a far greater gift, that would be of far greater significance than I could ever imagine. 

I AM a well-educated businesswoman with experience in the health, wellness, and the education sector. I am a naturopath and educator, working in these industries for nearly 30 years. I have dedicated working in the fields of naturopathy, health, pharmaceuticals, energy, healing, and education; thus, expanding my awareness of mind body and spirit. Personally, working on my own health, body, mind, and psyche; I uncovered real freedom and empowerment.  I found reuniting with my true self, had a transformational side effect, the revelation of my Inner Goddexx and a new sense of freedom and empowerment.  This is the life that I want for every BEing; a lifestyle that promotes love, kindness, health, and wellbeing.

My holistic approach to health, healing, wellness and being centres around the one truth that, ‘we ourselves know our own remedies – what will heal, cure, and what we know to be true for ourselves. Working intimately with the individual on our journey of ‘mind body spirit’ and wellness I have seen BEings transform when they are reunited with their true self, vibrant with vitality and reclaiming their health, but ultimately their life. We are our ultimate guides to our own healing and wellness, ‘I AM’ is all I need and all that you need in your life skills toolbox. 

List of qualifications

 Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Bachelor of Education

Graduate Certificate in TESOL


It is my goal to join you, in your journey to health, wellness and weight loss or weight acceptance.  I will support you with the information and motivation you need to reclaim your power; so, you can reunite with your true self, glow with self-acceptance, and love yourself unconditionally. This ability, I believe, is not in a tablet or even in the hands of a doctor or master guru, it lies in the hands of a higher BEing, you… your Inner Goddexx

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