Mercedes Michaels is a Perth based Empowerment Coach – ex-stripper, turned soul searcher, gypsy wanderer, humanitarian and seeker of the truth. Her life has led her on many a crazy adventure – from inner city underworlds, the glamour life of a Dubai Model, the bustle of Ugandan roadsides and the adoption of her daughter is nothing short of inspiring.

Her path has not always been an easy one with so many self-imposed and societal judgments about the stereotype of being a “stripper”. Along her inner growth path she has now reached an empowered space of authenticity. From the depths of shame, fear and judgment to truly owning her narrative. It is now her mission to support other Women to heal their pasts and create a life of Power, Purpose and Pleasure. It’s okay to be Unapologetically You!

“co-author of art of self care”

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