Meagan Kerr

Meagan is a gifted Energy Healer and registered Specialised Kinesiologist among many other things. She is an avid learner, with a special interest in Neurodevelopment and Quantum Medicine. Born and bred in Sydney and residing in the Hawkesbury district she enjoys time with family, sunny days, and swimming.

Meagan initially studied a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in psychology and computing. Following her skills in IT and people management in both Manufacturing and the Finance industry. She returned to her love of understanding healing from a pure holistic viewpoint retraining as a kinesiologist. After running her clinic for a decade, she decided her unique approach and methodology needed to be shared and taught to all households as a set of tools to enhance communication and connection. This mission led to the birth of One Health College, the only place you can learn her unique Real Self Alignment method.

Her journey continues, with the next collaboration on this authoring journey.

After being witness to a large increase of stress and anxiety-related issues in her clinic clients, and even in her own life, Meagan has formulated a set of tools for all to use. Many people know they have to reduce stress and that they need the anxiety to melt away. And Just as many people have no idea how or who can help them.

The Real Self Alignment method is a set of tools, utilizing a simple 3 step process, to get clear, be connected, and into REAL living.

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“co-author of ART OF SELF CARE”

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