“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”
            ― Nikola Tesla

A foundational understanding in physics and quantum mechanics is that our entire universe is constructed of energy. This energy is continually moving and underlies everything around us. Depending on the frequency of this energy, this defines how things will manifest around us. High-frequency energy is connected with greater positivity, whereas low-frequency energy is associated with negativity.

Your unique frequency impacts every aspect of your life and influences what things, people, or events become attracted to you. But through the law of attraction, you can begin to increase your frequency and attract greater positivity into your life instead.

To tap into your frequency, you must first tune into your feelings. The more positivity you hold inside your heart, mind, and soul, the higher your energetic vibration will become. Shifting your energy is the most radical act of self-care that anyone can do. There are many different ways to raise your vibration, so we asked our contributors for some bits of wisdom to help get you started in this new year!


“Take the time to listen and look for the little moments that are drawing you to your destiny, your highest self.”

Nicole Crowley

“Be aware of what you are grateful for and thank the universe for your blessings to raise your vibration and attract more amazing things to you for you to be grateful for.”

Kathryn Beacroft

“The key to raising your vibration is to heal the core wounds we keep wrapped up deep within our inner being; shadow work will bring you the light you seek.”

Hinna Cassidy

“Love yourself the same way you love others.”

Drs. Joy & Roy Martina MD

“Awareness and acceptance make the gateway to self-healing.”


“Choose kindness – especially kindness with yourself as much as with anybody else.”

Caroline Watson

“Your values are the fundamental ideas, beliefs, and principles that influence your decisions and actions in pursuit of your life vision.”

Lauren Prosser

“Love yourself the same way you love others.”


Your vibration defines your life, so take the time in this new year to invest in your self-care and begin the journey towards a high-frequency life. Use the tips above to help guide you back to your inner being and raise your vibration in the coming new year.

Let’s make 2021 the highest vibrational year yet!