Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith is described by her family, friends, and colleagues as a strong, resilient, empathetic and caring individual across all aspects of life, which is why she chose to work in a career that requires these traits. She is a Registered Nurse (BNurse) and Counsellor (BPsychSci & MHumanServ (RC)) with a passion for mental health and illness, especially in paediatrics and postpartum men / partner (in same sex relationships). She currently works as a Paediatric Mental Health Nurse at Queensland Children’s Hospital.  

Lisa recently had her first baby, a little girl named, Josie (12 months) with her husband, Brendan. Lisa has battled with her health for a long period of time, both physically and emotionally, and continues to push through the pain every day to raise her beautiful daughter. She has also been supporting Brendan through his recovery of Post Natal Depression (PND), since Josie was 7 months of age. Lisa believes that PND in men / other partner requires much more awareness and attention.  

Living in Brisbane all of her life, Lisa loves spending time with family and friends, going camping in their caravan and playing with their 7 month old puppy, Maggie the Groodle. 

Lisa’s key interest in mental health care are:

–          PND in men / partner and women

–          Paediatric mental health

–          Mental health decline linked to chronic pain sufferers. 

“art of self care”

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