Leanne Kerrison

Leanne Kerrison is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Completing the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Sydney, Australia, and undertaking specialised training in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & NLP Diplomas.

Leanne has founded Hypnotic Mind Solutions, and the Brain Training series,
“The Success Accelerator”, “Ease Anxiety Today”, “Happy Confident You” and continues to help people with the successful “Think Slim >The Virtual Gastric Band” Hypnotherapy program.

Having helped many people over the years, Leanne continues to work in private practice, helping people break through limiting beliefs and achieve their goals, whatever they might be.

“I help many people including elite athletes, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, business professionals, reduce stress, increase motivation and performance, and live healthier”

You can rewire your brain and transform You, Change how you think, feel and act, so you can create more calm and peace in your life, more happiness, confidence and productivity.

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I have created “Calm the Mind in 10 minutes” Hypnotic Meditation mp3 for you to enjoy, to help you train your mind and body to relax deeply. You can download it here – www.leannekerrison.com

Yours in health and wellness,

Leanne Kerrison
Clinical Hypnotherapist