Kylie Brennan

Kylie Brennan 

Kylie Brennan is a Mindset and Performance coach helping aspirational professionals who are ready to reach their highest potential.

A sought after speaker and thought leader in the mindset and transformation space, Kylie is also author of the book Focus is Fertiliser, How to grow a positive mindset.

Kylie specialises in her unique Mindset Unleashed framework, replacing limits with powerful resources so her clients become the person they came here to be.

Kylie was a registered nurse and worked for 3 large companies of the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 15 years in both sales and internal coaching roles.

Her clients range from corporate executives, individuals and teams to private clients and small business owners looking to reach their highest potential.

Kylie offers coaching, courses and programs to help individuals and professional teams replace limits with resources so they can reach their potential, their highest performance and a positive growth mindset.

Kylie is a Master Practitioner of Neuro- Linguistic Programming and a member of the NLPAA

(Neuro- Linguisitic Programming Association of Australia)