Kimberli Davino

Kimberli Davino is an entrepreneur living in Southern Georgia, USA with her husband Jon and their two fur babies. She graduated from the University of Connecticut and has a Masters in Education And Behavior Therapy. But after years of working for others, she decided to start her Social Media Managing business, Life With Kimberli, two years ago. She has always loved photography, writing + helping others- so it only made sense to turn her love into a business. Working with other inspiring business women, watching them grow + succeed, lights her up and brings her so much joy. 

Kimberli is also an advocate for endometriosis, a chronic illness she was diagnosed with in 2017. She refused to let her daily pain take over her life. It was that very diagnosis that pushed her to go after her dreams + prove to herself that she could do anything she set her mind to. Her hope is that other women can realize that same potential in themselves. 

When she isn’t working her business, she enjoys making crafts for her Etsy shop, spending time with her husband, family + friends, having dance parties in the kitchen to the 90s, walking the streets of Savannah, writing on her blog and binge watching Netflix. 

She hopes to be a light in this world + bring inspiration and hope to those who just can’t seem to find it.  Kimberli is continuing to learn the world of social media to be the very best she can be for her clients. She is also working on becoming a self-care coach and cannot wait to see where this journey takes her next. 




“co-author of art of self care”

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