Keryn Rose

Keryn Rose is an intuitive energy healer. As a young child, Keryn knew there was more to life than what her physical eyes could see. She could feel it. It was on the morning of her hysterectomy surgery when she looked into the mirror and told herself she had cancer, which turned out to be true, that Keryn realised the power of her gifts. Now she combines her intuitive gifts with an energy healing modality known as the Body Code, assisting people all over the world to find harmony and balance, relieve stress and support their body’s natural ability to heal through energy healing sessions. 

List of qualifications 

Student of the University of Life (current) 

Certified Emotion Code practitioner 2012 

Certified Body Code practitioner 2015 

Are you curious about how energy healing can help you to reconnect with the abundance and freedom that naturally flows within you? Using this link you can claim a FREE, no-obligation discovery call with Keryn, and discover for yourself the profound healing power that lies within you. Go to this link to book your session now:


Instagram: @kerynroseenergyhealer 



“co-author of art of self care”

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