Kelly is a wife, mother of 7 year old twins Emma and Aaron and lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Her mission is to prevent many of the silent mental health issues that mums face in this modern world of parenting. She works with mums of newborns all the way through to teenagers, helping them enjoy their motherhood journey as much and raise healthy resilient children. 

Kelly is an established Self Care Coach who has been working with mums for decades to help them successfully navigate the challenging phases of motherhood (sleeping, feeding, behaviour etc.) and reconnect with themselves. Through group and one on one coaching, she guides women through simple strategies that help them restore the balance between being a woman, a mum, a partner and everything else we are trying to be to everyone else around us.

The women Kelly works with ultimately feel like they’ve found themselves again and unselfishly spend time on themselves. By reconnecting with self, the motherhood journey is easier and more joy filled, which trickles into every area of life. She has developed the Modern Motherhood Method which she sees as preventative care in the mental health space, particularly among professional women who struggle with the unpredictable nature of children, just as she did herself. 

How to work with Kelly:

Kelly has programs and courses to suit all stages of motherhood from newborns through to toddlers, all the way up to teenagers and beyond. Her focus is you – making your life easier and more enjoyable – which has a flow on effect to the rest of your family. Kelly offers free membership in her Facebook Group called Getting Back to Your Essentials and has a 4 month signature program called Change My Life Mastermind Program which only opens twice a year. Get in touch with her to see how she can help you!