Kelly Lam

Kelly Lam is a Certified Results Coach, a self-care coach, a speaker, author and a mother of 4 who made it her mission to inspire, guide and support mothers in living in their truth and being their most authentic self. 

Kelly believes that true happiness comes from within and can only be achieved when one decides to embrace oneself and take control of one’s life, instead of settling for the norm.  Her satisfaction comes from helping women confidently stepping into their authentic power, and up-leveling all areas of their lives so they can live fulfilling lives being the mother and woman they want to be at the same time.

Currently she has aligned herself with an online holistic health program with the opportunity to create residual income streams. She sees this as a vehicle to help her clients live their best lives. Because she believes health is an important asset and that without wealth, it can affect one’s health and relationships.

How you can work with Kelly:

Through her coaching program, she can help you rediscover yourself and start creating a life that feels good to you where you can do the things you love and be a great mother at the same time.

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As she is constantly evolving herself, she would love you to connect with her online to see her latest offers.





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