Katrina North

Katrina North lives in New Zealand has been working in the Mental (Mind) Health and Wellness industries for the last 8 years and prior to this worked as an Early Childhood Teacher for 20 years. Drawing from her years in education, her work in suicide prevention and her passion and life experience in Mental Health she identified where her skills could make a real difference.

In a climate where COVID has affected the lives of everyone, in particular our mental health she
realised a one size fits all mental health model is not working. In order to move forward she believes that we need to do things differently to affect a different outcome. From her one on one healing and counselling sessions with clients, her business and her recent release of her children’s book titled “The Art of Self Care”, Katrina has started doing things differently to adapt to this new climate whilst maintaining our mental wellbeing.

She started her business ‘Serious Play. Let’s go Create’ which utilises Lego serious play to incorporate play in to discussions about mental health, breaking down barriers that can’t be reached through talking alone. Her specialized programme has been introduced into schools and corporate businesses and is based on the New Zealand mental health model, Te Whare Tapa Wha (Hauora). This model looks as the 5 aspects being Te Whare Tapa Wha are Whenua (Planet Earth), Wairua (Spiritual), Whanua (Family). Hirengaro (Physical), Tinana (Physical).

She believes that we can make positive changes in mental health by approaching it from a more
playful, childlike perspective. She noticed that through interacting with Lego and practicing
mindfulness, adults and children were able to relax, reduce stress and anxiety and experience a shift of perspective. Clients see what they are already doing within the 5 aspects of the Whare (home) and by using practical hands-on interaction her clients were able to discover “what else is possible.”

If you want to explore change and move forward you can reach out to Katrina through the following:

Website: http://Katrinanorthjoyofliving.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatrinaNorthAccessConsciousness/

“co-author of art of self care”

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