Jess Jae

Jess is a qualified Life Coach, Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer and has over 15 qualifications under her belt. She has helped women of all ages tackle their obstacles with life, work, family, home, nutrition, fitness, mindset, weight, motivation and overall health. 

Jess uses a holistic approach to women’s health in order to help her clients live their best life yet with the right balance that works for them. She is on a personal mission to help reignite the fire that women lose during Motherhood to help create a new breed of Mum. A new breed that believes she can do whatever she sets her mind to and does just that!

You can find Jess on her For You Mumma podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts and you can sign up to her free newsletter and connect with her on her socials below!


Instagram: @foryoumumma