Jean Cobine

Jean Cobine: The Resilience Activator

After twenty-plus years in the corporate world working with number crunchers, alongside raising beautiful strong resilient daughters, Jean, and her Lover (in preference to husband) relocated from New Zealand to living in the warm winter climate on the Gold Coast, Australia.


The move was an exciting adventure and an opportunity to re-evaluate ‘what’s next?’


Looking back at her timeline, Jean experienced several burn outs in varying chapters of her life and to this day this is still a work in progress, with each time presenting another layer of learning.

Most recently in a job for 8.5 years the volume of work plus an expectant attitude to accept and ‘just do it’ increased every year, she felt a sense of self-importance, validated from others. Feeling like wonder woman (martyrdom, masculine energy), Jean reached a point where the ‘burn-out’ peaked, coming into full appreciation that the self-importance came at the cost of what’s important, her wellbeing and family.

Jean had forgotten who she was at the core, within her heart. Jean learnt that she had to put herself first, she had to find the validation from within before she could take the best of her to the roles, she played in her life rather than the roles getting the best of her.

It was time for massive change! It was time to look within and seek her own self-validation, self-appreciation, and self-worth and it started with getting curious, ‘who am I, if I’m not this job?’ and ‘who am I, if I’m not the role I play?’

Jean stands for women trusting, belonging in, and fully expressing their authentic selves so they can manifest the life they truly desire with a soft heart, strong spine!


Work with Jean:

Jean is currently working with clients one-to-one and in group settings, through online sessions and trainings.

Her speciality is holding space in a life-transforming immersion program, helping women to stand in their feminine power, shining their radiant light with courage and true acceptance for self and others, empowering them to own their worth to thrive in business and life.

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