Hailey Schmidt

Hailey a mother of one, and an online fitness coach and business coach for fitness professionals. She is located in the US in Baltimore, Maryland.

Hailey specializes in helping women find confidence through fitness with plans that work, and in helping in-person trainers move and grow their business online successfully. Hailey teaches a three part frame work for her health and fitness clients: nutrition, workouts and mindset. She teaches balance and sustainability for long term results, that helps women become healthy AND happy! She wholeheartedly believes that fitness can be the stepping stone to finding your confidence and changing your life.

Instagram: @bossladyhailey
Facebook Group: Womens Fitness Group: Learn Balanced Nutrition & Effective Workouts
Email: bossladyhailey@gmail.com
Website: bossladyhailey.com

“co-author of ART OF SELF CARE”

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