Welcome to Upself, I’m Tracey Jewel and I help hundreds of individuals and audiences around the globe create a life and a business that they love.

I have been coaching in Mental Health, wellness professionals, and MLM communities, helping hundreds of wellness advocates rank advance, double their sales and clients, grow their business, and have more fun in the process.

I am passionate about everything vibrational and holistic including flower essences, the mission of doTERRA essential oils, and the Healy Frequency device.

I love being involved behind the scenes to empower quantum leaders with skills, tools, and confidence to create a thriving business and making an impact, helping people positively change their lives.

Vibe Higher is a coaching program designed to help you seriously level-up your business.

Over 6 weeks we’ll work through different areas of your wellness business and breakthrough what isn’t working.

Through practical action, group sharing, and exercises created to help you discover your deepest truths, you’ll walk away with a brand new outlook on your future and the tools you need to grow your business and potential.

The only prerequisites are a belief in your ability to thrive and an open mind.


Attract More Clients

Regain Certainty in your business INSTANTLY

Attract your ideal client who is loyal, will refer business to you and become your fan base

Discover your message with clarity, certainty, and direction.

Bring energized balance into your business behaviors



Leave the overwhelm behind

Clear the old energy currently projected to your prospective clients

Increase your energy flow with simple strategies and re-ignite your client’s attraction magnet

Earn consistent income + additional income streams

Re-Invent your business with structure, systems, and processes


BONUS: How to create online content, courses + programs that sell

Take your business to the next level

Show WHY you’re the UPSELF  INFLUENCER, the leader with a difference, and why clients choose you!!!!

Each weekly meeting begins with a 15 min-raise your vibration practice and leads into a 60-minute group coaching experience.

In addition to these Tuesday night meetings, you’ll schedule a 1:1 private coaching session and receive a Vibe Higher 7-Day Reset Package of beautiful self-care products delivered to your door.


Week 1

Ground & Centre
Your Business Values, Goals + Alignment


Week 2

Your Ideal Client + How to Attract + Influence


Week 3

Release old energy blocks with self, money + business

Week 4

Systems, Process + Automation

Week 5

Power with Money + Time

Week 6

Self Care


6 weeks of small group coaching meetings (in person in Perth or online)

A 1:1 individualized coaching session with your coach

All workbooks, tools + resources

BONUS GIFT: Frequency Therapy Device to use for ten days to maximise your energy + focus


Pricing: $295


A 6-session individualized wellness business coaching program and private high energy instruction designed to increase your mental and energetic wellbeing and amplify your business results.

You’ll be matched with a facilitator to identify and work through your unique challenges. Together you’ll establish a set of individual goals and craft a personalized plan for your sessions.


6 private coaching sessions (50 minutes each)

Initial exploration session (establish a set of goals + personalized plan for your sessions)

6 x Frequency Therapy Sessions

Program Fee: $950


Tracey has been running women’s workshops and programs for a decade together with 3 “goddess empowerment books”. From her own lived experiences, her passion is to help others reconnect, seeing careers shift, passions found, lives transformed and goals achieved


Tracey Jewel is a mental health ambassador, Quantum business, manifesting + alignment coach

Sarah Andros is driven by a desire to create change in the world. This has taken her around the globe to train in a variety of health and wellness modalities. Beginning with a degree in Psychology, she later trained in Reiki, Reflexology, Colourpuncture, Flower Essences, and Energetic Bodywork, amongst other things. During the last eight years, she has worked mostly with the body of work called ‘Access Consciousness’, having trained as an Internationally Certified Facilitator. She is a natural teacher who brings over 25 years of training and experience.