Emma Divine

Emma Divine IIHHT, MICHT, is a Psychic Medium and White Witch, practicing divination and giving psychic readings daily.

Born in Cardiff, UK, Emma studied Holistic Therapy and under that umbrella, qualified in Holistic massage and healing, reflexology, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and chemistry! Previously having studied Business Management.

She is planning to start her master’s degree in late 2021, studying Astrology and Astronomy. The stars and universe are of fascination to her but undertaking this course will also allow for a wider scope of services offered to clients.

Emma has always been spiritual, with her first memory of the like, being before she was born! One to ask her about! Emma prides herself on her honest and open readings, connecting to spirit and using oracle cards to provide psychic insight into the future. Emma’s aim, with all of her work, is to inspire others to lead a calm and spiritual life. Her love of all things spiritual and magical comes through in all areas of her work, gently guiding clients, friends and stranger alike, into knowing they’re not alone and coaching them in the ways they can use spirituality in their lives too. With her earliest memory being of when she was in her soul form, Emma has her whole life’s worth of experience in these fields, she says making her a true and honest leader and coach in spiritual and magical guidance.

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Contact: (+44) 07398 101 133

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