Dr. Aimee Brown

Dr Aimee Brown is a Holistic Chiropractor, Personal Trainer, Ultramarathon Runner & Mother of three, based in Manning, Perth who is passionate about the mind & body connection. Aimee takes a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, looking at all aspects of wellbeing from diet & lifestyle to mindset, sleep & exercise. With a mission to help her clients achieve optimal health & wellbeing, Aimee recognises the interconnected nature of physical & physiological health means that no issue is addressed in isolation.

As well as chiropractic treatment, Aimee offers a 6-month immersive health program & weekly wellness cards, to address the mental / emotional aspect of our wellbeing, as well as physical. A strong believer that the biggest changes to our health start with small steps, Aimee provides guidance & support to help people regain control of their wellbeing, one inch at a time.

Aimee’s ultimate goal is to help people achieve optimal health, integrating the mind & body connection, so that we can all live our life to the fullest.

When Aimee’s not adjusting clients, crafting affirmation cards or partaking in ultramarathons, you’ll likely find her spending time with her loving husband & beautiful children, camping or getting lost in a book.

“co-author of art of self care”

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