Diana Welch

Diana is a highly Intuitive Energetic Healer and Coach who has been working with energy for 20+ years. Diana has also studied and works with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Akashic Records, Crystal Healings, Crystal gridwork and prescribing Crystals to help in her clients own self-care and home healing.  

Diana is consistently, year after year found on “Sydney’s Top 50 Acupuncturists” listing. She is an exceptionally experienced doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on fertility and pregnancy.  She loves helping women of all stages to recognize what they are feeling and giving them strategies to move through life with more ease and joy. You will often find Diana walking around the clinic with a patient’s baby in her arms or pushing the pram so that the mother can get the rest she needs whilst in the clinic.

Her teachings are based on self-awareness, self-trust and listening to our innate body wisdom. By journeying through her own shadow, Diana has found ways to initiate and teach other women to follow their own souls’ journey. Diana’s soul journey is to constantly expand her consciousness, work through self-development and continue to learn, which she believes is how she can help her patients and clients best.

Diana also has a profound connection to crystals and has incorporated crystal healings into her clinic and online courses. Diana has a free crystal e-book on Instagram and www.dianawelch.com


How you and Diana can work together


      One on one coaching via zoom

      In person at her Acupuncture clinic in Sydney Australia

      Online group courses in crystals

      Appointments for Energy Healing via zoom











Diana Welch – Intuitive Healer

Red Dragon Alternative Medicine

“co-author of art of self care”

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