Dani Alkhemi

Dani Alkhemi is a former Car Dealer turned Energy Healer and Human Potential Expert from New Zealand who believes you should not have to sacrifice yourself, health, or happiness to achieve the big, important stuff.

After a decade of working in a high-performance environment, where hustle reigned supreme, success came with personal sacrifices, and burnout was the standard, Dani grew disillusioned with the path she was on.⁣⁣⁣  

Even with a six-figure income, results ranking in the top percentile nationally, and $100 million in sales to her name, deep down Dani felt unfulfilled because she knew she was secretly selling herself short by not living her highest potential and making the best use of her gifts and talents.  

So, Dani quit her job and headed to Egypt to do some serious soul searching.⁣⁣⁣ While exploring inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, something extraordinary happened.⁣⁣ As a result, Dani’s innate genius and spiritual gifts became more potent and honed. 

What took mere minutes forever transformed her and sparked an epic, nine-year quest focusing on the principles of power, purpose, and harnessing untapped potential.  

From here, Dani created The ATΞN Method™: a dynamic fusion of Ancient Egyptian alchemy and The 3 Codes of Power that helps people realize their full potential. 

Now Dani is on a mission to guide Conscious Leaders through The ATΞN Method™ so they can blitz their blocks, focus their power, and dent the universe. 

Live Courageously. Lead Fearlessly.

Dani’s Gift To You: 

Do you know your unique “Power Avatar”? Access Dani’s special profiling tool designed for purpose-driven Conscious Leaders: Take the test to discover your Fearless Leader Archetype and reveal your unique Power Avatar, signature leadership style, and the famous Pharaoh who embodied it best. Plus, you’ll get secret bonuses when you download your profile. You can take the free test at: danialkhemi.com/pat 

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“co-author of art of self care”

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