Chantel Rose

Chantel Rose is an Author, Educator and a Conscious Entrepreneur.

She is the co-founder of Reignite; a life enhancement company that creates unique Programs, Products & Experiences that bring people together for causes that support the evolution of consciousness & the expansion of human potential.

Chantel specialises in supporting women and their families to gain greater clarity and awareness on their lifestyle choices, energy and wellbeing so that they can live optimally with greater happiness, joy and quantum flow.

She believes that when a woman’s energy and wellbeing is in alignment, she has a greater ability to support her family, grow a successful career or do the things she loves.

After a highly demanding corporate career running major projects for the IT sector, Chantel was faced with her own health challenges which lead to severe mental, emotional and physical burnout.

After embarking on what would become a decade long quest towards her own self-healing, Chantel discovered a plethora of ancient modalities, self-care techniques and wellbeing and lifestyle hacks that allowed her to become more calm, present and productive in all facets of life.

Using this experience, she has spoken in front of countless amounts of people and inspired them to expand their knowledge, to nurture themselves and to live a life they love.

As a mother, Chantel believes her largest impact can be made on the future of humanity; our kids and she is working on a variety of projects to ensure that future generations are in good hands.

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