Caroline Watson

Caroline Watson is a global energetic healer and the creator of Thriving Possibilities.

Caroline was born and raised in rural South Australia, and as a child had natural affinity to nature and a profound energetic connection to both animals and the earth. This was not valued at the time and as a result, Caroline began her career in commerce and financial services. A stint of volunteering on a local bush-care site led to her re-connecting with her love of the natural environment, studying conservation and moving to Queensland to work as a Biodiversity Facilitator for the Australian Government. She later graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Charles Darwin University in 2016, and worked as an Environmental Officer/Project Supervisor within private industry.

During 2012-13 a series of personal challenges, alongside a heavy workload, led to physical and emotional burnout. Caroline utilised this opportunity to dramatically transform her worldview which resulted in her reconnection with her natural awareness of subtle energies and her advanced energetic capabilities. Caroline is also the mother of three children in a blended family and uses her experience as both mother and wife to demonstrate to her clients how her modalities can be applied to create a thriving family life through a myriad of changes. She also applies her broad set of skills, abilities and diverse lived experience to assist individuals to thrive in whatever area of life they would like to create change.

Caroline’s approach to her healing modalities is profoundly empowering and encouraging. Her clients leave with a sense that a distinct shift has occurred and new pathways have opened, with little to no resistance felt by the client as a result of her application of Access Consciousness Bars ®, Access Energetic Facelift and Access Body Processes.

During her work in environmental restoration Caroline noticed a link between the weeds that she used a brush-cutter to clear in nature, and the similarities to the outcome for clients through energy clearing during her use of Pellowah and Reiki. It is this beautiful connection to the cycles of growth in nature, that makes her sessions particularly effective at opening up time and space for the clients own personal growth.

Caroline is currently based in Brisbane/Meeanjin’s beautiful bayside area, with sessions also available online and classes available anywhere in Australia.

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