The Art of Self Care reveals:

Remarkable stories from wellness leaders that will inspire and elevate your vibe.

Practical tools and strategies to develop unstoppable self-love.

Tactics to unplug from negativity once and for all and to uplevel all
areas of your business and life.


Decoding the Wellness Mantra


Reflection Journal


Intention cards


Intention bundle


Intention cards with hand crafted pouch

Elevate bundle of book, Reflection Journal+ Intention Cards


Book, Reflection Journal, Intention cards + Self care reminder bracelet


THE ART OF SELF CARE elevate your life and business with inspiring lessons from wellness leaders provides a roadmap with actionable steps and inspiration to help you live the life you’ve always wanted to live and raise your vibration.

REFLECTION JOURNAL: Manifest a high-frequency lifestyle with help from this self-guided journal.

Embracing positivity is essential when you want to elevate your life and business. Learn how to raise your vibration one journal entry at a time.

With actionable steps you can reclaim your joy, strengthen your spirit, build upon the skills you have, and facilitate your transformation as you discover the connection between your outer life with your inner life, hormones, cycles, and more.

INTENTION CARDS: This collection of intention cards provides the boost you need to think positively, keep your goals in mind, release negativity, and create the life you want.

The companion book and journal provide a more detailed roadmap. The intention cards are designed for you to take the inspired action steps necessary to move forward and improve your personal and business life with simple inspirational affirmations.

ElEVATE BUNDLE includes Decoding the Wellness Mantra Book, Reflection Journal + Intention Cards  with self care reminder bracelet (Only 100 available!)

SELF CARE REMINDER BRACELET: This crystal energy-infused bracelet can act as a self care touchstone, serving as a daily reminder of your intentions.

This limited edition high vibe bracelet includes: Labradorite, peach moonstone and clear quartz with Om flower symbol.

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