Annamaya Ananda

9 Sacred Secrets to Conscious Leadership in Business

with Annamaya

How you and I can work together

  •         1:1 coaching, group coaching, facilitator, host & speaker at workshops, events (online/in-person)
  •         Partner with me in one of my affiliate opportunities that I align with

What I am currently working on

Helping women step into conscious leadership through systems, structure, mindset and resources for business and expansion

How you can work with me

  •         1:1 immersion 12 week experience to support you across your business and personal life to set you up for success
  •         I am open to invitations to be part of your events locally and overseas.

Feel free to come and connect with me via direct message through any of the platforms below.


Much love and light, may the world you live in be impacted by your brilliance and radiance…

Love and light from the ‘The Soul Nourisher’ known more widely as ‘Annamaya’.



MBA (Sustainability & Mgt), Commerce, Business (major in HR), Photography (6 yrs with major in Fine Art), Results Coaching, Presenting Like A Pro, NLP, Professional Writing, Retail Operations. Life Bliss University- Bangalore India (10+ spiritual programs).


Selected and played on Victorian and Australian Inline Hockey and Ice Hockey Teams in both sports during 1994-2014 (competitor and international selection for National and International teams and tournaments).

Ex Corporate & Business owner (20+ years) who had roles in National Sales, Multi State Manager, start-up GM for Bounceinc (20+ countries globally) & GM of NFP (supporting downs syndrome) and key selected team member of projects that bought innovation, talent, and new industry to markets here and overseas.

Host of 50 plus workshops and events on Mindset, Business, Business Strategy, Vision, Resilience.

Coaching locally and internationally individuals, team, organisations for success in business and or in life.

International Business consultant, mentor, multi- business owner, facilitator/host/speaker/coach at workshops & events, Interview Series Host (Series 2 & 3 live), Creator ‘Global Frequency Movement’ & ‘Global Frequency Collective’ online communities bringing the power of frequencies to global audiences.

For those curious as to the meaning of my name: Annamaya Ananda

“Nourishing from the source of life, always in the highest state of consciousness and radiating the ultimate state of bliss”

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