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9 Sacred Secrets to Stay in Your Personal Power with Annamaya

Have you let life get the better of you?

Have you found yourself in a world of chaos?

Have you allowed setbacks or negative experiences to influence your mood and how you show up to the world?

 If you said yes to any of these, and in my situation, I had said yes to all three questions then I know that life is has been troubling you in some way. Our stories on how we got here will be different but what I know to be true is that each of us is here for a unique experience and your story till today is relevant and necessary for you to step into the gifts you are here to share with the world.

In my life, I had to let go of the foundations built on the illusions of pain, trauma, abandonment, and chaos and realize that none of what was seen as painful experiences was here to cause me to fall short of who I truly am. That I have been given each of these opportunities as chaotic and at times unbearably painful experiences I once perceived as useless were really the catalyst and a means for me to find myself in the process.

What once I hated as my life, I am now grateful for despite the hate projected on me and to me even in my darkest days.

What I once hurt over in my life, I am now compassionate towards, for I have learned to change the way I see the world now.

What I once pained over; I see as the awakening of a new part of me I did not know existed

I did not wake up one day and realize I had a power; in my instance an extreme level of resilience and determination because time and time again I was backed into a corner and forced to take a stand and dig into what I am and who I truly want to be ibn this world.

Forced to stand up for me and those that had no voice to speak up; no matter how deep I felt I was sinking down into the quicksand of life through the constant battles of manipulation, abuse, blame, shame, loss, grief, and greed I experienced over and over, and it was here that I refused to be a bystander in my life sitting on the sidelines. I was not prepared to have other people take over my life.

I had put myself into the fire, into the ring of life, and stood facing head-on challenges others were not willing to deal with as I met up against their traumas, unresolved issues, and lack of self-responsibility they were choosing, because I was nothing but a means of someone to flippantly hurl their abuse at.

At times I can feel overwhelmed when I remember how many dark nights I endured, feeling helpless and not loved from anyone at all; isolated by a world I thought did not want me or care for me. Someone the world just wanted to reject over and over.

I had no reason to live apart from the fact I did not want to be a statistic for my children to wake up to. That was not a reality I wanted for me or them. Could I have- yes it would have been an easier path to choose but I chose to find myself. To heal my heart.

To choose each day to spread love and light on a world that can make you  not want to. I chose to help the broken despite my breaking points that never seemed to want to end.

To awaken your power is not some magic pill, potion, or person. It’s about addressing the core of who you are, what you stand for, where your passion lies, what the point of you being here is in this world… and when you start to find clarity in these answers a whole new awakening happens.

Suddenly there is an inspired drive. You wake up ready to take on the world vibrantly energetic, even a magnetic aura about you that you can not hide from. Radiating from your very essence, that soulful flow about you, a receptivity that has you drawing life to you not away from you, where you show up in your fullest, most authentic expression of who you truly are within the light and the shade and owning it all, and embracing all of who you are with passion, purpose and influence on the world.

In the chapter I have shared only a small snippet of what I have been through, so much has been left out yet enough to share the last 8 years of what I needed to find in myself. The real feminine power that I have always had in me but would not know how to express or embody what that even is or what it really even meant.

Know that ‘Who I am’ did not come easily or without resistance. I was always doing my best to choose the right path. But often that was not the easy path. At one point I wondered how I had to be in a fight or battle to just get what I wanted. And knew that cognition had to end.

With what I have lived through, there was a lot of facing up to myself and others in ways that made me think at times I was crazy for putting myself in these rings of fire, but part of me also knew that I am not here to dim my light for anyone else anymore. I am in full control of my own inner light switch.

For I am here to I stand for truth, honour, love, and empowerment. I am a woman, and I am here to stay in my power so that others can stand with me that collectively we can rise together. Leaving no woman behind. Together we come back to the greatest expression of who we truly are.

Much love and light, may the world you live in be impacted by your brilliance and radiance…

Love and light xox

‘The Soul Nourisher’ – Annamaya Ananda

Life Skills & Professional Attributes/Experiences.


MBA (Sustainability & Mgt), Commerce, Business (major in HR), Photography (6 yrs with major in Fine Art), Results Coaching, Presenting Like A Pro, NLP, Professional Writing, Retail Operations. Life Bliss University- Bangalore India (10+ spiritual programs).


Selected and played on Victorian and Australian Inline Hockey and Ice Hockey Teams in both sports during 1994-2014 (competitor and international selection for National and International teams and tournaments).

Ex Corporate & Business owner (20+ years) who had roles in National Sales, Multi-State Manager, start-up GM for Bounceinc (20+ countries globally) & GM of NFP (supporting downs syndrome) and key selected team member of projects that bought innovation, talent, and new industry to markets here and overseas.

A host of 50 plus workshops and events on Mindset, Business, Business Strategy, Vision, Resilience

International Business consultant, mentor, multi-business owner, facilitator/host/speaker/coach at workshops & events, Interview Series Host (Series 2 & 3 live), Creator ‘Global Frequency Movement’ & ‘Global Frequency Collective’ online communities bringing the power of frequencies to global audiences.

Meaning of my name: Annamaya Ananda

Nourishing from the source of life, always in the highest state of consciousness and radiating the ultimate state of bliss.

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1:1 coaching, group coaching, facilitator, host & speaker at workshops, events (online/in-person)

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Helping people stay in their power using the power of frequencies creating an impact on the global audience

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I offer Secrets to Staying in Your Personal Power

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