Amy Maree

Amy is one of Sydneys most renowned IVF advocates after battling with Endometriosis for 2 decades before a long 5 year IVF battle, including 6 stimulated cycles and 8 transfers, an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage, before becoming a Mum to her Double Rainbow Baby, Alinta Jean at aged 38 back in 2019. 

It wasn’t always Fertility talk with Amy, she was first known for her highly successful Beauty business in Southern Sydney’s, Sutherland Shire and has a long list of celebrity clients for her sought after spray tans. Amy’s beauty business has always been her passion to make women feel beautiful inside and out and not feel guilty for looking after themselves. Amy’s passion for self care and squashing the claim that beauty = vanity, has been what drove her to run her successful business for the past 2 decades and try to change peoples mindsets around looking after themselves.  

In recent years, once speaking out about her IVF Journey and pregnancy loss, her online following began to grow as she continued to share all life’s torments. Keeping her audience engaged and her content real and raw, she continues to share stories about her own personal experience with:



Ectopic pregnancy

Pregnancy loss

Birth Trauma

Prolapse and post partum recovery

–    De Quarvein Tendinitis

Pregnancy with IVF Baby number 2 at 40 yrs old 

Amy uses her online presence to vocalise the things many of us are going through, but not many feel confident enough to speak up about. 

Amys Beauty Salon is called The Bridal Bar and services everyone for any occasion and gives that special treatment of a Bride. Her business runs an annual campaign called “Sorry no more” which asks to women strip down and be confident in their skin and stop apologising for their appearance.


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