Amy Bingham

Amy Bingham is the owner of Lean Into Your Glow which is a project that has inspired her as a motivational speaker, an energy healer, a spiritual transformational mentor, and author. Sharing her real & raw depth of trauma and awakening publicly.

Amy spent years navigating life as a single mom at 18 years old, working hard to build her career in the IT industry. She’s been to the depths of grief with many losses; one year in particular she experienced the unexpected and traumatic death of her 17-year-old son, while 6 months pregnant, giving birth just 3 months after the immense loss of her son, and immediately followed by a divorce.   

She found a way to surrender and honor the grief experience she was now thrown into. The soul journey for her was to feel every real & authentically raw emotion of her grief. Emotionally & mentally healing herself & others along the way through her process of self-discovery, self-love, and self-healing. A soul rebirth & awakening was in the works, a self-made warrior emerged. She takes every event, situation, or challenge in her life and finds a way to understand how it is serving her highest self, finding the divine perfection in every experience, and identifying the blocks that are in the way of her healing & growth.  

Amy empowers others into their soul rebirth, returning to their higher-self, bringing them back to remembrance of the way their soul was always meant to be living.