Amanda Bazi 

My name is Amanda and I am 30 years old from Sydney, Australia. 

As a student, I learned Applied Suicide Intervention Skills and Mental Health Counselling and was a volunteer crisis supporter for Lifeline and a volunteer in United Care Aging. I graduated in Psychology and have been using my skills working in a global FMCG company for the past 8 years across Sales & Marketing. 

In October 2020 I decided to do some further study and reignite my passion for helping others. The 9-5 dream I was sold was completely unfulfilling for me and I knew I was returned for a higher calling. 

I attained another 4 certificates in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and a Life Coach. I still felt after all the education and experience that there was a crucial missing element in everything I had studied and it was the unseen force driving us human beings and the planet which I discovered was the energy aspect. 

I felt so aligned with energy healing and took an Angelic Reiki course. I finally felt like I was in the right place in diving timing. 

I have since created my own method of energy healing connected to pure divine God source energy and this is my gift to offer the world.

My mission is to heal past trauma, remove density from people’s bodies and any fallen architecture. To elevate global consciousness and connect with the higher self of others to provide people with their organic divine blueprint and soul purpose.

I feel so grateful and blessed that I have come to this point in my journey and incredibly humble to be able to offer this gift to the world and be on this journey with everyone


“co-author of ART OF SELF CARE”

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